We Are The Uplift L.A. Movement

We are a community led social movement, organizing community and local leadership for improvements in quality of life in South Los Angeles. We are committed to empowering community and uplifting residents through a support system of information, resources, and initiatives that will enable our collective voices and concerns to be heard as we fight for social justice and against systemic inequality. Our aim is to produce healthier and more vibrant environments within our communities and improve access to opportunities for our residents so that we may live and thrive, express ourselves freely and authentically, grow, and provide for our families.



Our Future Accomplishments

We dare not say GOALS because it carries a connotation that there is a possibility that our objectives may never be achieved. FUTURE ACCOMPLISHMENTS is our proclamation of what we WILL ACCOMPLISH some time in the future.

Fight Injustice

Mobilize community against injustice & inequality.

Create Outlets

Provide opportunities for community and self-expression.

Promote Health

Provide programs and resources to promote mental and physical health.

Promote Places

Promote the development of local spaces for community interaction.

Coordinate Programming

Coordinate needed resources in common community spaces.

Create Opportunities

Develop programs to support arts, skill, job and entrepreneurial education.

Create Networks

Spur the development of shared resource networking.

End Gang Culture

Replace Gang Culture with Community Culture.

Cultivate Accountability

Improving community by addressing our own wrongs. 


We cannot seek achievement for ourselves and forget about progress and prosperity for our community…Our ambitions must be broad enough to include the aspirations and needs of others, for their sakes and for our own.

Cesar Chavez

Our Work in Process

L.A. METRO TOC, DESTINATION POSITIVE OUTCOMES - Why this project? Because South L.A. lacks many of the public resources vital to cultivating and sustaining vibrant and thriving communities. The goal of this project is to provide a framework and a plan for a community led approach to the development of infrastructure to support arts, culture, and social engagement and the programming of services to support positive health outcomes, promote environmental sustainability and provide resources for skills, job and entrepreneurial education and servicing.


Influencing policy makers to do what’s right for the community.


Obtaining equitable infrastructure development from our tax dollars.


Programming the space with needed resources and intervention facilitators.

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Times blown off by public officials


Ultimately Victorious


Featured Content

It's about starting a conversation

Aging  out – Life after foster care and group homes.

I Am Possible – Women of Color Images & Perceptions Discussion

Grameen America (Los Angeles) – Helping to bring women out of poverty


Local Services and Resources


Healthy Parenting



Just for kicks!

You got to have a sense of humor. Joy does wonders for the heart and soul and helps ward off stress.

Representing ' South L.A. All Day

Pictures of the People and Places that make South L.A. so unique and special.

That was the cut!

The songs that were blowing up L.A. back in the day.

Games and Trivia

If you are not from L.A. you wouldn’t understand. Games and Trivia unique to a South L.A. experience like ‘Order the Dance’, or ‘Order the Trend’. Test your knowledge of L.A. culture.

How to live!

Seniors, OG’s, Seasoned Youth and Inspired Individuals share advise on a life well-lived, and avoiding and dealing with obstacles along the way.

School Daze

Big up to our L.A. Alumni Grade School to College. This is where we rep our, ‘Too Cool School”.

Shout out to the block

Not gang pride but community pride. Shout out your street or section of town!






Our Awesome Team

We believe in a diverse range of contributors to bring creative skills, thoughts, and ideas to the table. We need people like you. Inquire about becoming a content contributor info@uplift-la.org.

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    Zo Blaze
  • Hey youngstas, It’s about time someone thought about us. We got a lot of history here. 

  • i have to admit i was skeptical but i did enjoy the site very informative and progressive!!!


The Uplift L.A. Movement

Get at us family. Help us to be better at what we do. Tell us what you want to see and share how you feel. We love engaging with you. We accept criticism graciously, but don't tolerate mean spirited-ness, or nonconstructive comments. Show us the love and respect you expect from us.

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